(Chiavari chair cushions available in white, ivory or black)
crystal clear chiavari
white chiavari
mahogany chiavari
natural wood chiavari
gold chiavari
black chiavari
black & gray Samsonite
white Samsonite
white resin
(style also avail. in natural wood)
3ft. round (seats 4)
3ft. square (seats 4)
also avail. as 5ft. square (seats 8)
pie - 1/4 of 5ft. round
4ft. round (seats 6)
5ft. round (seats 8)
6ft. round (seats 10)
4ft. x 30in. banquet (seats 4)
8ft. x 30in. banquet (seats 8)
6ft. x 30in. banquet (seats 6)
bar riser for 6ft. and
8ft. banquet tables
4ft. x 30in. banquet
cocktail options:
24in. or 30in. top
30in. or 42in. post
  6ft. x 18in. classroom (seats 3)
8ft. x 18in. classroom (seats 4)
3ft. i-d serpentine
- 4ft. i-d serpentine also available -
5ft. i-d serpentine
* 5ft. half-round table also available.